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Terry Head makes a grand entrance in time for the annual Christmas party.
All photos: Missy Salisbury
Shirley Ayers, as the Easter Bunny, assisted in the search for colorful eggs hidden around the Community Center.

We are excited to report another successful Shoreline Cleanup at Gunston Manor! Many thanks to all the volunteers getting out early on Sunday morning to clean our beaches! We do make a difference! With 32 volunteers, we were able to clean up the following trash:

49 bags of trash ,18 tires, 3 large blue barrels,1 large floating buoy,1 washing machine, 2 metal barrels, 1 plastic trash container, 1 large metal cylinder, 1 very large plastic bin, several car parts, 1 vanity chair, enough wood to keep four bonfires going all day.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who showed up on a cool, wet morning: Gregg, Melissa & Cole Hunt, John Pollard, Jenny Preli, Matt Tonnar, Lowell Curtis, Debbie & Sam Horchler, Bets Byrne, Bruce & Janet Scheid, Larry Gonzales, Jim & Jeannie Livingston, Scott Livingston, Keith, Missy, Connor, Michael, Gabby & Jordan Salisbury, Doug, Sherry, John, Nicole & Dana Witsman, Ted & Sue Doepel, Mike & Rita Smith (special thanks for use of boat), Donna Granahan (special thanks for donuts & coffee)

We would also like to thank Potomac Disposal Services for donating the use of their trash container, the Alice Ferguson Foundation for donating trash bags, safety vests & work gloves, VDOT for donating additional trash bags and Joe Chudzik of the Mason Neck Citizens Association for coordinating all of the communities and parks on Mason Neck for this entire event.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” -Aldo Leopold, 1948